(LAWRENCE, Kan.)Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) – the organization for 2,700 men and women professionals overseeing sports fields worldwide and critical to athlete safety – announces their Introduction to Sports Field Management online course, created for high school students with a passion for sports to help them evaluate a potential career in the industry.

Students will work through five learning modules and have access to STMA’s library of industry resources hosted within The Institute. The course also provides a hands-on opportunity for young athletes to evaluate the transition from playing to a career as a sports field manager. Upon completion students receive a certificate acknowledging their successful graduation from the course. This certification is a great addition to college applications and resumes for those who continue on the sports field management career path. 

STMA members fill important positions across the country and are responsible for maintaining playing surfaces in accordance with the Association’s best practices. Members play a key role in the success of storied franchises across the NFL, MLB, and MLS, as well major college programs across the country.

The newly announced educational course will be offered free of charge to STMA student members, with registration for a year-long membership being $30. Students will have one year to complete the course, although most finish within a few weeks. More specifics can be found HERE.

“Our vision is to give the next generation of sports field managers an opportunity to get a sense of what a career in our industry looks like” says Kim Heck, CAE, CEO of STMA. “We also hope that those who may not have considered themselves a field expert in the making will be inclined to use this course as a chance to try something different and fall in love with the career, as thousands of our members have.”

Beyond the element of the professions involvement in sports, members are also heavily involved in the Parks and Recreation sector. These talented individuals have worked closely with government officials over the past year to ensure that their spaces are not only meeting field safety standards but also COVID-19 health protocols.

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