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Grounds Maintenance 2


This recruitment will be used to fill one full-time Grounds Maintenance Worker 2 position for the Department of Athletics at Oregon State University (OSU).

The Mission
The mission of the OSU Department of Athletics is to Go Build Excellent, Authentic, Visionary Student-Athletes (GO B.E.A.V.S.).

The Grounds Maintenance Worker 2 reports to the Director of Facilities & Operations. The position performs routine grounds and maintenance work around the Athletic facilities. Responsibilities include mowing, fertilizing, watering, irrigation maintenance, and artificial turf care. The position will also be involved in event preparation and setup with regards to turf and grounds. This position will be required to work cooperatively with other Trades/Maintenance staff members and Athletic facilities student workers. This position will work scheduled nights and weekends so that competitions have coverage from a facilities perspective. This position will work under the supervision of the Director of Facilities & Operations. The Grounds Maintenance Worker 2 will be expected to accomplish individual projects independently or working in a team but will not be responsible for developing or prioritizing lists of maintenance activities.

Position Duties
For all Athletic fields, buildings, and properties – mowing and edging lawns and fields with use of push and riding lawnmowers, tractors, and power edgers. Plants, transplants, fertilizes, and waters lawns, shrubs, bedding plants, ground covers, and trees with tools such as hoes, trowels, and shovels. Trims and prunes trees, shrubs, bedding plants, and ground cover with use of hand or power tools. Eradicates weeds using both manual and mechanical methods such as: pulling, tilling, or using line trimmers. Prevents weeds by mulching, calibrates, mixes, and applies pesticides and herbicides according to manufacturer’s instructions. Installs irrigation and sprinkler systems by digging trenches by hand or with a tractor, lays and connect pipes, valves, sprinklers and controls, fills in trenches, and flattens or grades roads with bulldozer or road grader. Removes leaves, brush, and debris using rakes, blowers, vacuums, and shovels from building roofs, sewers, utility tunnels, streets, and sidewalks. Removes trash and litter from lawns, parking lots, building entrances, and adjacent roadways, and sidewalks under agency jurisdiction. Empties trash cans as needed. Transports litter, plant debris, and trash to dump or incinerator by truck. Removes ice and snow from walkways, parking lots, and building entrances with use of plows, shovels, blowers, or salt. Cleans drains, catch basins and gutters. Removes stains and spills from parking lots and walkways, fills potholes, repairs benches and signposts.

Plan, design, and install a landscape maintenance program. Designs, installs, and maintains irrigation and sprinkler systems, which includes preparing the plans, specification, and material lists, ordering parts and equipment, and ensuring installation is done according to specifications. Performs on-site inspections of work areas to determine landscaping needs and evaluates the quality of work being done. Takes and tests soil samples to determine the need for chemical additives or natural nutrients.
Identifies and diagnoses plan and lawn diseases and administers or directs the administration of the remedy. Identifies specific areas appropriate to specific plant types and recommends planting and landscaping strategy to supervisor. Reviews and interprets site plans, and architectural drawings to determine planting or landscaping needs. Reviews work plan with supervisor to set priorities and monitor goals.

Troubleshoots and performs minor repairs on tools and equipment, such as lawnmowers, chain saws, and blowers. Refers major repairs to repair person. Performs minor maintenance on grounds vehicles and power equipment by checking fluid levels, lubricating, and cleaning after use. Repairs and tests irrigation and sprinkler systems as needed. Performs periodic cleaning of tool and shop areas.

Assists other departments or staff as needed for special events or emergency situations.

Minimum Qualifications
Pesticide applicator’s license may be required based on position duties; AND Two years experience as a grounds keeper which included plant care; OR An Associate’s degree in Landscape Technology or Horticulture; OR Completion of a Landscape Certification program or license in a horticultural specialty.

  • Pesticide Applicator License required for this position.
  • Ability to communicate clearly in both written and spoken word.
  • A demonstrable commitment to promoting and enhancing diversity.

This position is designated as a critical or security-sensitive position; therefore, the incumbent must successfully complete a Criminal History Check and be determined to be position qualified as per OSU Standard 576-055-0000 et seq. Incumbents are required to self-report convictions and those in Youth Programs may have additional Criminal History Checks every 24 months.

This position requires driving a University vehicle or a personal vehicle on behalf of the University; therefore, the incumbent must successfully complete a Motor Vehicle History Check, possess and maintain a current, valid driver’s license in their state of residence, be determined to be position qualified and self-report convictions as per OSU Standard 576-056-0000 et seq.

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